Syria Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment - Lessons learned

Date published
23 Feb 2015
Lessons papers
Coordination, Multi-sector/cross-sector, Needs assessment
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

This document consolidates lessons learned on the Multi-Sector Needs Assessment that was conducted on behalf of the Humanitarian Liaison Group (HLG) in Syria in August and September 2014 including the findings of the Lesson Learned workshop conducted with all stakeholders of the MSNA in November 2014 under the auspices of the Syria Monitoring and Assessment Initiative (SAMI).

Lessons learned are captured to inform the design and process of further assessments in Syria, to review implementation of previously identified lessons as well as to identify good practice in conducting multi-sectoral, multi- agency needs assessments. Considering the highly dynamic situation in the Syrian context, some lessons that have been identified to be relevant now might not be applicable in the future and might be worth re-visiting when the time comes for a new assessment.

This document consists of the following chapters:

A. Review of Lessons Learned, common challenges and improvements
in comparison to the previous lessons identified conducting multi-
sector, multi-agency humanitarian needs assessments in Syria.

B. Lessons Identified from the MSNA process for each step of the
assessment cycle.