Teaching IHL Through digital Resources - Syllabus for Interactive Remote Teaching

International Committee of the Red Cross
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Date published
26 Feb 2021
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Education, Human Rights, humanitarian action, Humanitarian Principles, International law, Training

The Teaching International Human Rights (IHL) Online syllabus aims to meet the needs of lecturers and academics worldwide who currently teach IHL from a distance. It is based on several online resources and IHL reference tools developed by the ICRC (How Does Law Protect in War?, the Introduction to IHL e-learning course, the IHL: A Comprehensive Introduction handbook and legal factsheets). Designed for online teaching, the outline of the syllabus contains key tools, approaches, and recommendations to ensure the remote course is as smooth, practice-oriented and interactive as possible.

For each of the 12 sessions proposed, the outline features:

  • a pre-course pack combining different activities (case studies, modules of the ICRC e-learning course, multiple-choice polls, readings, written assignments), allowing students to approach each IHL issue through practice
  • a detailed outline for the lecturer, with links to the relevant parts of How Does Law Protect in War?, covering the main issues to be discussed during the session.

An introduction, with tips and tools for online teaching, and a final session on the link between IHL and Covid-19 (and a specific bibliography) are also included.

International Committee of the Red Cross