The Somalia health, protection and nutrition 2 (SHARPEN 2) : program final evaluation

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Date published
29 Jan 2022
Impact evaluation
Evaluation-related, Nutrition, Health

This is a final evaluation report for the Somalia health, protection and nutrition 2 (SHARPEN 2) program. The evaluation was to assess whether the response achieved the desired outcomes and produced evidence-based recommendations to inform future programming. The evaluation sought to: determine achievement against performance targets of select indicators; identify to what extent were beneficiaries actively consulted and engaged in the project; identify program strategies and structures which contributed to or impeded project impact; draw lessons from the project and results achieved to inform future similar programming. The evaluation was conducted through a mixed methods approach (desk review of program documents, qualitative and quantitative interviews). The program relevance was found to be strong while on effectiveness, satisfactory performance was documented in the health sector, unsatisfactory performance was noted in the nutrition, WASH and protection sectors. Program efficiency and consultation and engagement of beneficiaries were strong under the program. Lastly, lessons learned and best practices from the program implementation have been documented and so has recommendations based on the evaluation findings.