Towards Durable Solutions for Displaced Ivorians

Date published
11 Oct 2011
Research, reports and studies
Livelihoods, Protection, human rights & security, Refugees/IDPs, Internal Displacement, Shelter and housing
Côte d'Ivoire
Danish Refugee Council

Six months after the resolution of the post-electoral stand-off that Côte d?Ivoire following the contested presidential elections of 28 November 2010, a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions remains. Whilst more than 500,000 have returned to their place of origin since the end of the conflict, 450,000 Ivoirians remain displaced inside Côte d?Ivoire and in neighbouring countries, and both groups remain in need of enhanced humanitarian assistance and protection.
Those who have returned have been motivated by the general improvement of security, and driven by the lack of access to land, food and income-generating activities on displacement sites. However, they?ve done so in very precarious conditions, without the support required to ensure that return is a durable solutions and – like those who remain displaced in camps or host families – they remain highly dependent on aid to restore their livelihoods.