UNICEF Global Evaluation Report Oversight System (GEROS) Review Template - Inter-Agency Real Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to Pakistan's 2009 Displacement Crisis

Date published
08 Apr 2011
Programme/project reviews
Evaluation-related, Refugees/IDPs, Internal Displacement


The Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System (GEROS) has four main objectives:
- provide senior managers with a clear and short independent assessment of the quality and usefulness of individual evaluation reports, including those commissioned by their own offices;
- strengthen internal evaluation capacity by providing to commissioning offices feedback with practical recommendations on how to improve future evaluations. Commissioning offices can also use the feedback received to better assess the performance of external consultants to be hired for future evaluations.
- report on the quality of evaluations reports, by reviewing and assessing the quality of final evaluation reports commissioned by UNICEF Offices. Quality of evaluations reports is reported to senior management mainly through three channels: a) annual report of the EO Director to the Executive Board; b) the Global Evaluation Dashboard, and c) inclusion of this information in the Global Evaluation database;
- contribute to corporate knowledge management and organizational learning, by identifying evaluation reports of satisfactory quality to be used in meta-analysis to be shared within the organization, as well as facilitating internal and external sharing of satisfactory evaluations reports

This GEROS examines the Evauation of the Humanitarian Response to Pakistan's 2009 Displacement Crisis