A new draft of the Sphere Handbook 2018 is out for comments

19 Oct 2017

After analysing 2,500 comments as well as input received from 1,200 participants in consultation events across 40 countries, Sphere has released a new draft of their Handbook and is now looking for your feedback.

Amongst the highlights in this edition, you can find:

  • A revised What is Sphere introduction to using the standards in practice;
  • A new Delivering Through Markets annex covering Supply Chain Management and Cash-Based Assistance;
  • Strengthened inter-chapter linkages and more robust integration of cross-cutting themes;
  • A redesigned Shelter and Settlement chapter;
  • New WASH standards on linkages to health for disease outbreaks and nutrition interventions;
  • A full review of the Protection Principles;
  • Newly drafted chapter introductions and appendices.

For more information on how to submit your comments please visit: http://www.sphereproject.org/handbook/revision-sphere-handbook/draft-ready-for-feedback/