STRATEGIC FORESIGHT: An Interactive Workshop for Social Justice Leaders

28 Nov 2023 - 21 Dec 2023
08:00 - 11:00, GMT
$350 USD per person (individual) or $315 USD per person (groups of 5+), special introductory price, or contact us for Financial Assistance

Futures literacy is essential for identifying challenges, solutions, and trends in our rapidly changing sector, as well as improving strategic planning, innovative programme design and critical-creative thinking. Cultivating these tangible leadership skills shifts a team's focus from basic delivery to big-picture strategy. In a workshop setting, you will learn some of the most important and practical tools to analyse and anticipate the future -- from project to sector levels -- that help leaders to level up to ensure that we're not simply reacting to the trends that come at us but rather creating the possibilities for a truly justice based future. We will hear from some of the foremost futurists in the world and build lasting connections with a global cohort of humanitarians, development workers, and social and environmental justice leaders. It will shift your mindset from reactive to innovative action, from linear to multi-potential outcomes, from conventional to emergent thinking, and from present-focused to a truly intergenerational take on justice.