Technical Note: Evaluation Questions and Criteria

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01 Jan 2021
Tools, guidelines and methodologies

This Technical Note is intended to guide Evaluation Managers (EMs) in the formulation of clear and utility-focussed evaluation questions. These should be directly deriving from the purpose and objectives of the evaluation (“What does the evaluation aim to find out? And for what purpose?”) and draw from the intervention’s Theory of Change. Developing appropriate and relevant questions is fundamental to deliver high quality, credible and useful evaluations. The evaluation questions will in turn inform the selection of appropriate evaluation approaches and methodologies. Evaluation questions should be structured around international evaluation criteria. “Each criterion is a different lens or perspective through which the intervention can be viewed. Together, they provide a more comprehensive picture of the intervention, the process of implementation, and the results.” 

For further support in the development of evaluation questions of a decentralized evaluation, EMs are encouraged to consult their Regional Evaluation Officer (REO) if they are based in a country office or OEV Decentralized Evaluation Helpdesk if they are based in a Headquarter Division.