ALNAP 2020 Meeting

What was the Meeting about?

This meeting explored the challenges posed by uncertainty and what humanitarians can do to better equip themselves to respond within this context.

COVID-19 has brought with it an unprecedented climate of uncertainty. With few useful experiences to draw upon, individuals, organisations and societies are struggling to define and adapt to a ‘new normal.’ Although uncertainty is familiar terrain for humanitarians accustomed to operating in unstable circumstances, COVID-19 has thrown up a heady mix of new challenges– operational, financial, even existential. But alongside these challenges, the Pandemic may also offer opportunities to re-imagine humanitarian assistance itself. Is this the time to lever change and create a new humanitarian business model? If so, what is possible? 

This meeting offered an opportunity for different humanitarian constituencies – donors, United Nations agencies, NGOS, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, networks and academics – to come together not only to navigate the current moment, but also to pool experiences and work towards a shared understanding of what we want to do differently in the future. 

The meeting was accompanied by a members event on 19 November.