How to evaluate partnership and collaborative approaches

4 March 2015
14:45 - 16:15, GMT +1

This panel explored issues and challenges confronting evaluators looking at field-level partnerships and collaborations. What have we learned? What can be improved when evaluating field-level collaborations?

The panellists reflected on the unique features of collaborations and partnerships that matter for evaluation; what can be done to improve the quality of evaluation processes; and analysis of partnership performance and results. The speakers delved into issues such as choosing appropriate evaluation approaches, criteria and indicators, and reflected on good and emerging evaluation practice examples in this area.


  • John Mitchell
    Director, ALNAP


  • John Cosgrave
    Independent consultant
  • Josse Gillijns
    Head of Planning and Evaluation, IFRC
  • Anne Claire Luzot
    Senior Evaluation Officer, UN World Food Programme (WFP)
  • Elias Sagmeister
    Project Manager, Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi)