Session 2: AAP and humanitarian data responsibility

18 Apr 2023
10:00 - 11:30, GMT+2 – CEST

Systems for managing accountability to affected populations (AAP) involve the collection and storage of data in one form or another. Like in other aspects of humanitarian response, handling data about vulnerable people comes with risks. Data responsibility is the safe, ethical, and effective management of personal and non-personal data for operational response. This session, organized together with IOM and OCHA, will look at current best practices for integrating data responsibility in humanitarian action, through the experience of thematic experts.

We will focus in particular on the following:

  1. How can we leverage data responsibility to reinforce accountable humanitarian action right from the start?
  2. Is data responsibility understood in the same manner by affected people from whom humanitarians collect data?
  3. How can data and AAP practitioners bring communities and affected populations to the center of data processes?

This session is designed for humanitarian practitioners, particularly AAP and data practitioners, to explore areas of opportunity for integrated and joint work on accountability and data responsibility in humanitarian action.