What did previous interns think of their time at ALNAP?

Benjamin Veress | Masters student at the University of Zurich

"Working in a group where your work and opinions are valued and where you feel an important part of the team from the very beginning was a wonderful experience. This is a team that doesn't 'do hierarchy'. Staff members would always take their time to explain tasks in detail, respect your workload and ask for feedback. Sharing tasks within the communications team would be very uncomplicated and based on a culture of mutual helping out. At the same time, working in a small group proved a great opportunity to work independently, on a variety of tasks, and get insights into ALNAP's different workstreams. Interning with ALNAP was truly enriching, both personally and professionally." 

John Bryant | Research Officer, Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG), ODI

"My time at ALNAP was hugely beneficial for my professional development in a very competitive sector. Having recently left university, but lacking professional experience, colleagues recognised both my current skills and where my understanding could be improved. They helped me transition from the academic to the professional world in a way that was interesting and engaging.

I felt like an important part of the ALNAP team straight away: busy colleagues were always keen to explain new concepts and tasks clearly.

In addition, there was always a sense at being at the forefront of anticipating and adapting to the new challenges that confront the humanitarian and development sector; problems that will only become more pressing over the course of my own career."

Tessa Finch | Internal Development Officer, Jacob Consulting

"My 3 months with ALNAP were insightful. I was exposed to leading practitioners and researchers who have influenced my own career choices and taught me skills that are relevant to my work today. It taught me about the power of networks and the importance of information sharing within the sector, in particular with regards to accountability and M&E. It was a pleasure to work with the ALNAP team and I will continue to use and promote the valuable work that they do." 

Joshua Aspden | Refugee Services Caseworker, British Red Cross

"My Internship at ALNAP really helped advance my career. I worked on the National Disaster Management Agency: Learning and Knowledge project. This like much of ALNAP's work is pioneering in the Humanitarian Sector. My daily work schedule consisted of high-level strategic meetings, desk research, report launches and networking. The team were very welcoming and this made the work environment a great place to be. I would recommend this internship for those who wish to contribute and be part of a great pioneering organisation."