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Is quarantine ethical? How can humanitarian organisations engage with multiple communities at once? What should you do when there is high levels of population movement in a public health crisis like Ebola?

Our last urban webinar focused on the challenges and learnings around the urban-specific aspects of the Ebola response in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia during and after the crisis.




Did you miss our webinar on the role of evidence in the Sphere Standards? The video, audio and transcript is now online!

Listen back to ALNAP and key individuals at the heart of the Sphere Standards revision process discuss the sources behind the standards, as well identifying gaps in evidence for informing quality standards.


Do you have any examples of tools, methods or approaches to collect and analyse data, and measure changes in protection risks and protection outcomes?

InterAction are looking for your input! They are particularily interested in participatory methods and tools which engage the affected population in the response design, data collection, and analysis of protection issues as part of an initiative to develop and promote results-based protection.



Mapping of Monitoring in Humanitarian Action (MHA)

ALNAP is embarking on a new piece of research in order to better understand monitoring of humanitarian action in policy, in practice, and how these may differ.

As an initial step ALNAP is undertaking a two year research project, mapping the current landscape of monitoring in the humanitarian sector.

This exercise aims to plot the perspectives and priorities of different actors, the purposes and uses for this data, as well as the processes, policy, procedures and standards applied to it. This will serve as a scoping study, helping to identify specific areas of MHA that could benefit from further investigation.




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