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What does innovation in humanitarian action look like? How do organisation make sure they are more successful at innovating?

Our new research with ELRHA's Humanitarian Innovation Fund tries to answer these questions and is the first outline of the things humanitarians can do to increase their chances of innovating successfully.





How can humanitarians get better at responding to disasters and conflict, without understanding how the system has been performing? ALNAP Director John Mitchell presents the State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) 2015 in this video, and reflects what the humanitarian lanscape has looked like over the past three years.



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ALNAP's Alice Obrecht and Paul Knox-Clark argue that humanitarians must harness the power of evidence and data if we are to achieve the ambitious aims of the World Humanitarian Summit.


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We are finalising research on national NGOs

What does humanitarian action look like from the perspective of those working for national NGOs? What are their priorities and commitments? What motivates and guides their decisions and activities?

This summer ALNAP will publish findings on the national NGO landscape in Columbia and Lebanon which aims to reflect the humanitarian work of national NGOs in their own terms.

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We are doing research on urban systems and stakeholders

Recent research has identified the importance of working within existing systems in urban humanitarian response and with local stakeholders. But what do we mean by urban systems and stakeholders? And why is this important to humanitarian response? Our Research Officer Leah Campbell is currently researching the answers to these questions. 

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