Livelihoods for Improved Nutrition in Chpinge District, Zimbabwe

Makumire, T. B.
Date published
01 Dec 2011
Evaluation reports
Food and nutrition, Food security, Nutrition, Livelihoods, Water and sanitation

With funding from the European Union ACF Zimbabwe implemented a 3 year project in Chpinge District of Zimbabwe (2010-2012). Its objective was to enhance sustainable livelihoods through a coherent range of food security, WASH and nutrition focused interventions for 2,000 food insecure vulnerable households living in the communal areas of Chipinge district. The project was an integrated food security, WASH and nutrition project, and seeked to address basic causes of chronic and acute malnutrition that have been identified through the ACF/UNICEF malnutrition causal analysis framework. The framework took into account the complex and combined nature of the causes of malnutrition and therefore seeked to address the basic causes of malnutrition by increasing and diversifying food intake and utilisation whilst reducing WASH related diseases and improving child feeding and care practices.

The review objective was to evaluate the ACF project against the standard DAC criteria. Methodologies included meetings and consultations with ACF project staff and management, documents review and analysis, field visits and observations, HH questionnaire surveys with beneficiaries, FGDs and key informant interviews with stakeholders.